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Nov 26, 2011
General Secretary Com. C P Mainali's address to the delegation of All China Journalists' Association

Excellency  Mr. Zhao Xiting, Leader  of the Journalists' Delegation of the P R of  China,
Distinguished Comrade Kumar Belbase, PBM and Chief of the Propaganda Department of the CC of the CPN (ML)
Excellency Madame Wang Lixin, D C M of the Embassy of the P R of China in Nepal,
Excellencies Members of the Delegation and Diplomat,
Distinguished Comrades from the Propaganda and International Departments of the CC of the CPN(ML)
Distinguished Mr. Manju Ratna Shakya, President of Nepal Journalist Association
Distinguished Comrades and Friends!
I, on behalf of both Central departments, the Propaganda and International Departments of the CPN (ML) and on my own, warmly welcome the visiting Chinese Journalists' Delegation, led by Your Excellency Mr. Zao Xiting, the DCM of the Embassy of the PR of China in Nepal and all other distinguished Comrades and Friends in this reception hosted in honour of the visiting delegation.
We all attending the reception in this quiet evening of Kathmandu, hosted by the Propaganda Department of the CPN (ML) are familiar with the warm, dependable and close relations existing between Nepal and PR of China. Our traditional friendship and exchanges between the peoples of Nepal and China go back to centuries and the present ones are nurtured by the distinguished leaders of both countries. We gloriously remember the contributions made by Chairman Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai, Zhu Deh, Deng Xiao Ping and other heroes of Chinese revolution and builders of the modern China, in fostering the China-Nepal friendship.
Nepal-China diplomatic relations and people to people friendship are based on the famous five principles of Panchasheel, whose two main contents are the mutual respect for each other's independence and sovereignty and non-interference in each other's internal affairs. Nepalese people are happy that the PR of China is quite true to those principles and it in not only honoring the independence and sovereignty of Nepal, it helping them foster in many respects. We are glad that PRC is a great help and partner of development and progress of Nepal. We are confident that PR of China will remain this sort of reliable friend of Nepal in the days to come.
Nepal and Nepalese people are always supportive of the independence and sovereignty of the PRC and sensitive to its national security. Nepal supports the 'One China' Policy' in all respects.
Nepal is committed not to allow its land against the 'One China Policy' and specially not to allow its land for the socalled 'Free Tibet' movement, pure and simple a cessationst activity. This policy is in conformity with one of the consistent foreign policies of our party- the CPN (ML). In our opinion this policy is not only in the interests of peace, stability and independence of the PRC, it is in the interests of those of Nepal as well.
Your Excellencies Comrades and Friends ! Nepal is passing through a historical transition towards the establishment of stable peace, institutionalizing political, sociall and economic progressive changes in a new constitution to be prepared by the historic Constituent Assembly of Nepal and towards a stronger and prosperous Nepal.   
While going for a federal system we are for making geographically and ethnicity-wise inclusive 5/6 provinces, extending north-south, bordering with both neighbours the PRC and India. We are against the right of self-determination to the provinces. Nepal is a multi-ethnic state-nation and all ethnicities living in Nepal, around 40 in numbers, are indigenous people of Nepal. We maintain that the act of dividing ethnicities of Nepal into non-existent indigenous and non-indigeous categories will push Nepal into untoward ethnic division and resultantly to political instability and conflicts. Further more, majority section of the national population has been put aside ignoring their unified ethnic identity, i.e. the Khas (Aryan) ethnic identity.
We are very much appreciative of the policies of the PRC, a rising power of the world with continuously increasing its prestige and influences in the global policies, helping Nepal and Nepalese People in this historic transition, without interfering into it.
The CPN (ML) has a good fraternal relations with the great and glorious Communist Party of China, for nearly three decades and we are for further developments of theirs.
We are hopeful that the visit of this journalists' delegation will help strengthen and broaden the Nepal-China relations in peoples' level and specially in the journalists-circles of both countries!
I wish a great success to the vistit of this important journatists' delegation of the  PRC, led by your Excellency Mr. Zhao Xiting.
I wish you all distinguished members of the delegation, a nice stay in Nepal.
Long live Nepal-China friendship!
Thank you!

                                                                                                                                                        CP Mainali
                                                                                                                                                       General Secretary
                                                                                                                                                          CC, CPN (ML)

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